Rejuvenate Skin with Photofacials in Toronto

Redwood Medi Spa & Wellness Centre is proud to offer safe and effective skin rejuvenation with IPL™ photofacial treatments in Toronto. If you are interested in reducing fine lines or treating rosacea, acne, sun spots or other concerns, this therapy may be right for you! Our quick, non-invasive procedure is typically done in a matter of minutes and involves minimal discomfort and no downtime, making it convenient for your busy schedule. Let us help improve the tone and texture of your skin! We encourage you to schedule a consultation to learn more about our IPL™ treatment. The number of appointments and the length of your treatments may vary depending on your unique skin conditions and goals.

What is an IPL™ Photofacial?

As the name suggests, IPL™ uses intense pulsed light to penetrate deep into your skin. Often referred to as fotofacial or photorejuvenation, the treatment boosts the production of collagen, a natural protein that can fill in wrinkles, helping make your skin smoother. The high energy light waves will also constrict blood vessels below the epidermis, which also helps reduce redness and age lines.

Conditions Treated

IPL™ is a versatile treatment option for your skin as different wavelengths of light can be used to treat various conditions, including the following:

  • Very fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet
  • Rosacea– IPL™ is often used to reduce the appearance of this condition in the forehead, cheeks and chin
  • Age spots – can be used on various areas including the face, body, hands and chest
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Moderate acne scarring
  • Spider veins / broken capillaries
  • Birthmarks / port wine stains
  • Poikiloderma – a condition that typically causes a reddish skin tone on the chest and/or neck

Our staff is highly experienced and qualified to perform this type of therapy and we will let you know if it makes sense for you. Our medical spa offers a range of skin rejuvenation treatments such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, non-chemical peels and OxyGeneo™. You have options and we are here to explain them to you.

Are you a Candidate for a Photofacial?

Are you wondering if you are a viable candidate for a photofacial in Toronto from Redwood Medi Spa & Wellness Centre? As a general rule, the best candidates are those with white, untanned skin that is somewhat elastic. While IPL™ is used for various conditions, if you have more pronounced facial lines or severe acne scars, other options may be more suitable. If you have tanned or naturally dark skin, this therapy may not be right for you as minor changes in skin pigmentation are possible.

What to Expect

Before we start treatment, you will be provided with eyewear to protect you from the intense pulses of light. A cool gel may be applied as a way to help cool your skin during treatment and to lubricate the handheld laser device. You may feel a warm sensation during the procedure and we may recommend icing down the area once completed to ease any discomfort. Many patients may find this isn’t necessary. Some redness and selling in and around the targeted area are normal. While you will notice a difference in your skin in the days to follow, the overall results are usually gradual and more visible in the weeks to come. The number of treatments you need will vary depending on your unique condition although it is common to undergo 3-5 sessions.

Call us to Book an Appointment for a Photofacial in Toronto

Are you ready to learn more about our IPL™ photofacial treatment in Toronto? We are here to answer your questions and provide all the information you need. We can let you know what to do to prepare for treatment (stay out of the sun!) and what to expect during the recovery time. Give us a call today to set up your consultation. Our skilled staff looks forward to meeting you!

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