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Providing Oncology Esthetics at Redwood Medi Spa in Toronto & Newmarket

Oncology Esthetics is a service that offers skin care and spa treatments specifically suited to those with compromised or challenged skin, resulting from cancer and cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.


Many cancer survivors find that their self-image is affected as their appearance and body experience changes with the disease and its treatments. Many chemotherapy drugs and radiation will affect the health of a patient’s hair, skin and nails. Furthermore, chemicals and preservatives in skin care products can further exaggerate these side effects.


Side effects from cancer treatments include, but are not limited to, excessively dry and fragile skin, rashes, swelling due to complications of the lymphatic system, and intense bouts of nausea and weakness. We offer safe, individualized and specialized skin care in an inviting, relaxing, compassionate and professional atmosphere.


One of the many benefits of oncology esthetics is that it can positively affect the psychology of a patient, helping to improve their self-image. Complementing traditional medicine or surgical therapies with relaxing treatments can help to contribute to a patient’s well-being.

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