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How to Avoid Hyperpigmentation


Do you have dark spots on your skin that you just can’t get rid of? Whether you call them freckles, age spots, liver spots or acne scars, it’s likely that you have some type of hyperpigmentation on your face and body. This common skin condition occurs when the skin produces excess melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its colour.

For some people, hyperpigmentation is caused by sun exposure or hormonal changes. For others, it’s a reaction to medication, skin inflammation or injury. Preventing hyperpigmentation No matter what causes your hyperpigmentation, there are certain things you can do to avoid getting more dark spots on your face and body.

  • Avoid the sun. Sun exposure is the primary causes of hyperpigmentation. Avoid being outside in the middle of the day when UV rays are the strongest, and be sure to always wear sunscreen and reapply it every two hours and after swimming or sweating. You may also choose to cover up as much as possible by wearing a hat and loose-fitting clothing.

  • Be gentle to your skin. If your hyperpigmentation is caused by inflammation, do everything you can to avoid irritating your skin. Don’t pick at scabs or breakouts and avoid laser treatments, which could lead to further inflammation.

  • Use topical antioxidants and skin lightening and brightening agents. Skincare products with antioxidant ingredients can help prevent sun damage, reduce inflammation and brighten your skin tone.

How to treat hyperpigmentation If you already have dark spots, Redwood Medi Spa & Wellness Centre has many treatments options that can help lighten them, including the following:

  • IPL photofacials. This treatment uses intense pulsed light to penetrate deep into the skin, where it helps to break down the darker pigments so they can be absorbed by your body’s lymphatic system.

  • Chemical peels. There are a few different types of chemical peels that can help with hyperpigmentation. Because of the nature of these products, it’s essential that they be applied by a professional.

  • OxyGeneo superfacial. This super facial brightening formula reduces skin pigmentation and sun damage while lightening the skin’s complexion.

  • Laser resurfacing. Fractional lasers can be used to lighten dark spots.

  • Microneedling & PRP skin rejuvenation. The growth factor in PRP repairs and regenerates new healthy cells to improve the collagen productions and brighten skin complexion

  • Topical products. The same antioxidants botanical skin lightening and brightening agents that help prevent hyperpigmentation can be used to brighten your skin and lighten dark spots.

It’s important to note that not all these treatments are suitable for everyone. It’s therefore important to arrange a consultation with one with one of our professionals to determine which treatments will provide you with the results you seek. Hyperpigmentation treatments in the GTA At Redwood Medi Spa & Wellness Centre, we strive to make all our clients look and feel good in their skin. Call us today to schedule a consultation at our Medi Spa in Toronto.


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