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Body Treatments

Body Treatments in the Yorkdale Area

The Redwood-signature Cellulite Treatment is applied to the body after exfoliation, followed by a thermal wrap. After removal of the treatment with warm towels, a brisk application of body lotion completes the session which assists to break up the warmed cellulite. This treatment stimulates circulation which can create a feeling of warmth and tingling.

Reenergizing Body Scrub

Indulge in this hydrating skin polisher for an overall body glow. This treatment exfoliates and purifies leaving skin soft and silky. A firming Body Lotion is then massaged all over to renew, nourish and firm, it’s heavenly!


Sea Fennel Anti-Aging Body Sculpting

This anti-aging body sculpting treatment for all skin types that helps tone the skin around the abdomen - the thighs, the knees and the arms, making the silhouette look firmer.

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