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Waxing & Threading

Waxing & Threading for Yorkdale, Toronto & Barrie

Waxing is an effective temporary method of removing unwanted hair in large and small areas. We only use top quality fine waxes. The product is gentle on your skin yet results-driven. We select the appropriate type of wax based on your needs. We employ techniques designed to minimize skin irritation and ingrown hairs, No double dipping regardless of areas treated!

  • Disposable wax cartridges

  • Sterile environment to avoid cross contamination

  • Redwood pre and post treatment protocols to ensure maximum results

Waxing Tips

  • Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long

  • Keep hair follicles clean by showering immediately after exercise

  • Moisturize the area daily with Image Rejuvenating Body Lotion

  • Exfoliate twice a week with Image exfoliating body scrub

  • Take an aspirin or ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment to reduce discomfort if you have a sensitive skin

  • Wear loose undergarments to avoid irritation after your treatment

  • Avoid applying creams, lotions or gels to the treatment area, the day of your appointment

  • Avoid sun exposure 1 day before or after your treatment

  • Avoid tanning beds

  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs or sauna for 1 day after treatment


Threading is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. It originated in Turkey and China. Today, threading has gained popularity in Western cosmetology.

Threading uses rolling twisted cotton thread over hairlines to remove unwanted hair.


  • Threading is much healthier for the skin than waxing, and it creates no ingrown hairs

  • Threading is suitable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing

  • No chemicals are used in threading, so there is no risk of a negative reaction

  • The results of the treatment last for two to four weeks.

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